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Texas A&M System (DOF)

Every individual who, at the time of retirement holds a tenured appointment at Texas A&M University and has served the university at least 10 years, must be considered for emeritus/emerita status unless the faculty member requests in writing that he/she not be so considered. Non-tenured faculty, or those who have served less than 10 years, may also be considered.

Emeritus Nomination Packet must include: 1. Recommendation for Faculty Emeritus Status Coversheet (this form): - Must include department Tenured Faculty Vote. - Must include Department Head Vote, Signature and Date. - Must include Dean Vote, Signature and Date. 2. Letter of recommendation from the Department Head, through the College Dean andDean of Faculties,to the Provost. - Must include a statement that the faculty member has or will retire in good standing. 3. Faculty member's Comprehensive Curriculum V

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