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Eminent Scholar Award

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  • Faculty
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Texas A&M University System

Eligibility for the Award Nominees for the Award shall be • Women who are tenured full professors and have been on the faculty in the Texas A&M University for at least 2 years. • Exemplary role models for women’s success, as demonstrated by a long-standing commitment to women at Texas A&M and a record of excellence in teaching, service, mentoring, and exceptional achievements that have impacted current women students of Texas A&M. Record must clearly show an active role towards helping Aggie Women and contributing to their success. • An eminent member of the faculty member’s field; prior recipients of highly prestigious national and international recognitions (including but not limited to Wolf Prize, Nobel Prize, ACLS Fellowships, Guggenheim Fellowships, NEH Fellowships, membership in the National Academies of Sciences, Medicine, or Engineering, or participation in national, international/global authorities such as the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights or a division head for the WHO).
Award The Eminent Scholar Award recipient shall receive a $4,000 award. The Eminent Scholar Award shall be jointly presented by the President and the Aggie Women Network.

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Important Date

Submission Deadline

Important Date

Selection Committee for deliberations

Important Date

Presentation of the Award by the President and the Aggie Women Network

Award Prizes

Monetary Prize
$ 4000