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Fulbright Scholar: Rule of Law, Judiciary Reform and Civil Society

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Review Criteria The Fulbright Scholar Program supports activities and projects that recognize and promote the critical relationship between educational exchange and international understanding, in addition to the intellectual merit of the proposals. Applications with broad multiplier effects are particularly welcome, as are projects that are conducive to candidates sharing their experiences and knowledge with colleagues, students and, ideally, with the general public in their host country and, upon return, in the United States. To learn more, view a short video about the Review and Selection Process. Reviewers consider the basic objectives of the Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program, evaluating applications on the following criteria: Applicant training, background, experience Applicant possesses the training, credentials, active professional standing, as appropriate for their project, discipline, and career path, and meets all stated requirements for the award, including language proficiency requirements necessary for the project, or adequately addresses alternative(s) Applicant maintains an appropriate record of service to their academic/professional community and home institution/employer

Project’s potential impact, outcomes, and benefits Application demonstrates relevance and currency of project to the discipline Applicant’s project exhibits potential for impact, which is significant, broad, and sustainable in the discipline, at their home institution and community, and to the applicant’s professional development and the applicant clearly describes plans to feasibly disseminate results The applicant demonstrates the need for the project to be undertaken in the specified location and shows considerable engagement with the host institution and community. Cultural Preparation Applicant displays ability to be adaptable, culturally sensitive, collegial, and can serve as a cultural ambassador for the U.S.

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4-9 month grant